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Our entire lives are becoming increasingly digital and changing the way we do things. How does your company react to the new digital opportunities and possibilities in the modern marketing mix of your company? Is your brand already benefiting from the new digital environment? Are your employees digitally connected in all core areas? Are you benefiting from the digital economy? Communication, the dissemination of information, photos, videos and news, reaches any place in the world, whether Tokyo, Los Angeles or Paris, at previously unheard of speed. Not just since yesterday, digital transformation is in full swing, none of us have ever stopped learning. Information reaches people faster than ever before, whether it’s recommendations from friends and bloggers, news or even knowledge.
In our presentations in Hamburg, we as speakers provide detailed answers to your specific questions on the topic of social media. The digital transformation and digitalization are present. Conclusions from different campaigns make strong concepts. No theoretical knowledge, we offer know how and agency experience from different media projects. With practical case studies we show you the new trends in marketing and ideas for social media marketing. We live in the social web.

Consulting for marketing, social commerce and advertising campaigns

Our social media lectures inspire of course especially managers who want to achieve the highest visibility. Also for freelancers and self-employed who want to get to know the digital scope of action of social media. With social media marketing, you turn your non-buyers into consumers and, with luck, into brand users. Then, get them to final brand loyalty. In this way, they become true brand fans for your company and ultimately brand sponsors who are happy to recommend you to friends.

Our speakers will give you answers to questions relevant to social media:

  • How do you position your company in the digital transformation?
  • What technical know-how and expertise do you need to adapt?
  • How can you network your company digitally efficiently?
  • What reputation does your brand have in the digital world?
  • How can you convince influencers of your company?
  • Are you already using social selling for marketing on social networks?

We focus the presentations on these keywords: content marketing, social media services, social commerce, social media marketing, social media campaigns and social media optimization:

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With creative social media managers from our personal network and experience for all areas of online marketing.

In social media marketing, the conception of presentations and campaigns is about taking the new, digital form of advertising further and permanently finding new strategies. As social media experts, we look at the classic social media as well as the new social networks. Only with such innovative ideas and concepts can companies improve online commerce through social media commerce. Passing on knowledge to the next generation at some point also drives keynote speakers. Social networks offer both risks and opportunities, we bring these closer to people also in German broadcast media. With case studies and insiders, brought closer in a simple and understandable way. Our experts.

Your speakers for exciting presentations

As a speaker, the preparation of the technical presentation is crucial for the comprehensible transmission of information. For our clients, our agency has divided workshops and speeches into separate experience levels, so that we as speakers can personally address the level of knowledge of the visitors. The design of the topics can sometimes require more effort, because as a speaker you sometimes only have half an hour for a rather extensive and complex topic. We often notice, many are looking for a basic understanding, many had little contact with the subject matter beforehand. Therefore, many of our speeches are also aimed at people who bring little expertise to the appointment. Here you will find about our speakers and speakers.

Success for your management thanks to Social Media Marketing Trainer

In order to keep their own departments up to date with the latest technological developments, companies book us as coaches for social media. With full commitment and in partnership with the executives, strategies and concepts are planned. Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, most of the time you start from scratch. As a coach, you stay with your managers for a few hours, so you can achieve the best result for you and increase profits in the long run. Your coaches.

Our social media consultants and lecturers. More about our speakers and social media authors.

Initial consultation for social media campaigns, optimization and management

Which target group relevant content your managers have to publish and when is the right time for postings, we show with different best practice examples from everyday work. Our coaches know which social medium will be right for your company. We can advise you at any time, whether you need information on social commerce, referral management or monitoring. Social media can help you gain new reach new customers and sales for your brand and do so sustainably. At our speaking engagements, we provide an initial assessment of your potential opportunities. With concrete multimedia strategies, the ideal start for social media marketing. With social media monitoring we find out where, how and when people are talking about your marketing, interaction plays a big role in monitoring. With Facebook and similar social networks, you can achieve a lot through targeted monitoring. In order to find the most valuable accounts on social media, it is important to determine the most important metrics. Different target groups meet in the various social media. Here, different topics should be scheduled into workflows. The people involved with you must always be considered to the previously focused target group in social media marketing and management. The set goals that you could achieve through social media marketing and management has every brand. On social media, the salutation should fit. The fan becomes a customer The customer service must also be present on the social media for a feedback on the questions. With us as specialists, your business is in safe hands and no missteps will happen to you. Most important is the content! Social media is all about dueling. Active users spread your product more and more. The specifics of different social media is different. No fake subscribers from China, but real users. NewHigh level is essential for the survival of these fast-growing social networks.

Build brand fans for the long term now. Influencers are opinion leaders and guiding figures like actors

What we create as an agency – Virality on social media (word of mouth). Facebook, Vimeo or even Instagram: Our agency consultants take care of your fan pages daily with multimedia concepts. Get creative, tell your Hamburg users your story and convince fans for many years to come. Powerful events: Power of social media marketing! Viral events. Build brand fans for yourself or your brand starting today with social media marketing and use creative tools like retargeting to pick them up again. national social media campaigns. The more precisely your target audience is determined, the higher the interaction rate of your followers. highly targeted user groups. In marketing, our social media agency has experts for your campaigns and promotions. With options like Graph Search, great tools are freely available in the Ad Manager to optimize your own channel, not only to analyze followers in detail. This is how we produce precise social media concepts for you.