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Communication is the spread of knowledge, news, but also emotions. Today, it reaches us people with smartphones quickly, as never before in the entire history. No one of us has learned anything in the profession and the digital transformation has arrived in companies, more and more marketing managers are reacting to the trend towards modern concepts. Information, whether knowledge, news or recommendations, reach us faster than ever before. Our lives, whether in everyday life or in the job, become more digital and influences our decisions. Do you personally profit from the online economy? Is the new digital world already profitable for you? How do you react to the new marketing opportunities in your business decisions?
As keynote speaker, we answer your questions on lectures in Frankfurt and Germany. We are Digital Natives. We live every day in the social web. Digitization and digital transformation are present. On the basis of practical examples, we will present new trends and ideas for social media marketing for brands in lectures. Only the conclusions from numerous campaigns ensure strong concepts. No theoretical knowledge, we offer hands-on experience and know-how from numerous projects.

We offer lectures for commerce, management and channels

Our lectures in Frankfurt inspire, of course, managers who want to achieve the highest reach. Likewise, all the lectures are also for journalists and freelancers, who want to understand the digital scope of social media more profoundly. Do you know the process of creating digital brand fans? Through social media marketing, non-buyers become consumers, brand-name users and brand-name brands, and ultimately brand names.

  • How can you easily convince Influencer of your company for a sustainable co-operation?
  • Are your markets affected by the digital transformation?
  • How can you make new and innovative social insights profitable for your company?
  • What kind of technology and expertise does your company need,
  • How do you strategize your business for digitization?
  • How can I link my business digitally efficiently?
  • Has your business in a digital world?
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  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Services

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With reliable professionals for all core marketing areas.

For innovative concepts in social media management we are developing strategies for our customers. We as social media experts analyze the traditional social media, such as Youtube, as well as the new ones. With these methods, your brand can boost not only the digital but also the sales in the trade. Giving new knowledge is one of the essential tasks of social media managers. We also communicate the individual risks and opportunities of social networks on TV and radio. Simple, clear, comprehensible and with the latest insiders as well as best practice examples. Here you can find our Keynote Speaker and Experts.

The speakers for high-quality lectures in Frankfurt

As a speaker of an event or even keynote speaker, the preparation for the lecture and the targeted and bundled information transport is the most important. For various experiences, all our lectures are divided into experience-based experience levels. As an event speaker often only half an hour is left for the entire lecture, if it is a good hour to pack such a complex topic for the viewers, such as online and social media management. In the lectures, it is often the case that many of the audiences in the audience of the congress seek a basic understanding in the field, so we take the audience into account without any specialist knowledge in all lectures. More about our speakers and Speaker.

Social Media Trainer: Coaches for your company

Managers and teams always keep up to date, book us companies as trainers. Added to this are many new networks like Whatsapp, Twitter as well as Pinterest and, of course, new direct marketing methods and chat bots, which independently send billions of Likes. As a coach, you spend hours to meet all your goals for the customer and to improve your profit sustainably. As a coach, the aim is always to plan concepts in partnership with the management team throughout Germany and Europe. Here you can find more information about our speakers and social media Trainers.

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We offer consulting for social media campaigns, optimization and marketing

The easiest start also for beginners with practical, concrete crossmedial methods and an assessment and expertise of your potential possibilities after the lectures. Social networks can help your managers effectively assist customers to gain new reach and sales. Whether you need tips on social commerce or monitoring, our managers will be pleased to advise you. Our coaches know immediately which medium is right for you. In order to see which target groups can publish relevant content to your employees, or when the best time for postings, we will take a look at multi-faceted best practices from the professional world. When monitoring, we find out when, where and how your products are discussed, interaction has a major role. Determining key figures is an important part of finding the right social media channel. The previously planned campaign targets to be achieved with social media marketing is planned by every company. There are different target groups on different social media. The employees plan the content, which takes a lot of time. The audience to be reached must always be respected. Since the user is in the developed Internet, often remotenesses and types of the form “Du” are used. Therefore, customer queries should also get feedback in the social media as soon as possible. Because Keynote Speaker One is the best in this and other fields, you and your company are in the best hands. The most important thing is the content! The followers are becoming consumers The subscribers are not sung on the social networks. The social media is living through increased reach. The ever-differentiated social networks have moreerediverse functions. No fake subscribers from all over the world, but real followers. The company needs active followers to gain span.

Musicians are Influencers, Multipliers, Leaders and Educators Build your brand or brand brand with long-term social media management.

Social media marketing enables you to achieve rapid growth in the realm of the media, and a unique presence in social media. Tell your Frankfurt fans in social media your story and inspire new fans for your brand and for many years! In order to analyze your fans in detail, your company offers highly efficient tools from the market leader, Facebook itself. We work with social media managers from our personal network for groups and dynamics for the crucial areas of online marketing. Interaction is what matters in social media. The precisely selected target group considerably raises the factor of the interaction rate for your company. Meet together with us fans through new ideas. Perfect results: attractiveness of social media marketing! Efficient interaction with the community. Your modern appearance in social media.