Social Media Marketing Dresden

Communication, the dissemination of news, emotions but also knowledge, reaches quickly, as never before, through smartphones and social networks. The whole life is increasingly digital. Does your brand benefit from the digital world? Is your company already digitally connected? Is the online economy bringing you sustainable returns? How are you responding to digital opportunities in marketing? Information is reaching people faster than ever before, whether it’s knowledge, news or recommendations. None of us have learned it all. Digital transformation is in full swing. More and more managers are responding to the trend.
Conclusions from different campaigns provide for strong concepts. We offer practical agency experience and know-how from many projects. Using practical case studies, we show you new trends in marketing and ideas for your own social media marketing for companies in lectures. The digital transformation is constantly present. As digital natives, we spend our time not only at work, but always on the social web, with friends or searching for information. We answer your questions as speaker and keynote speaker.

Speeches for advertising campaigns, optimization and marketing

We speak for managers who align their brand through social media and pure digital business models after digital transformation, for more success in planned marketing. Of course, all our talks are also for publicists and self-employed who want to improve their digital scope through social media. Do you know the typical process of creating digital brand fans? Through social media marketing concepts, non-buyers become the first consumers of your brand, brand users and, through loyalty, true fans and finally brand sponsors for your brand.

Our speakers will give you the most important answers to the most important questions in our lectures:

  • Are your markets sustainably influenced by the current digitalization?
  • What recommended actions will you use to attract influencers to your product promotion?
  • How can I network my company digitally efficiently?
  • What positioning opportunities could your company achieve in the digital world with marketing?
  • What technology and expertise does your company need to adapt in marketing to take advantage of the many digital opportunities?

We put special emphasis on the following keywords in our presentations: social media services, social commerce, social media marketing examples, social media optimization, content marketing and social media campaigns:

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We work with professionals and know how for all relevant decisions in social media marketing.

To ensure that social media marketing does not lose its effectiveness, we continue to develop concepts for our customers. New networks are no less relevant for social media experts than the well-known networks. Only through these innovative concepts, ideas and approaches can companies increase their digital sales through social media marketing or commerce. Giving newly acquired knowledge is one of the essential virtues of media managers. Understandable, simply structured and with best practice examples as well as new insiders. We also convey the risks and opportunities of social networks in media and broadcasting. Our experts.

Keynote speaker for trade fairs

As a speaker at a large event or even a keynote speaker, the preparation beforehand and the bundled transport of information are crucial for building up knowledge. As a conference speaker, we often only have half an hour, or if we’re lucky, one hour, to convey our complex topics clearly to the audience. Many want to improve their understanding of social media, so many presentations are also aimed at managers who has little knowledge. For the different experiences, the presentations are categorized into experience-based difficulty levels. Our social media consultants and speakers.

Trainer: Coaches for your employees

We are hired as coaches by many different brands and brands, if they want to bring their own young managers always on the technological cutting edge to know new features and opportunities. In addition, there are new important networks, such as Whatsapp, Twitter or Pinterest and of course new direct marketing methods such as Whatsapp or bots in Facebook. As a coach, it’s about always planning methods in effective, collaborative work with managers. As a coach, you spend hours with the managers, so that all goals are met for you and to optimize the profit in the long term. Here you can find information about our speakers and coaches.

Our social media marketing writers. Your social media lecturers.

Help for marketing, commerce, channels, optimization, campaigns, services

When monitoring KPIs in social networks, we find out together when and how people are discussing your brand in social media. You can achieve a lot with your company and brand via Facebook and other social networks. The ideal start with practical, concrete methods and an expertise of your existing opportunities. Gaining new reach customers and sales, social networks allow you to do all of this. Whether you need information on social media marketing or customer support, we can advise you at any time. We will find out which network will be right for you and your circumstances at each client meeting. Using multi-faceted case studies, we communicate what content you should be posting and when is the best time to post in Dresden. Diverse target groups find each other in the different social media channels. Content is created on many working days. The masses must have a permanent say in this. In order to find the most important channels in the social networks, important key figures such as the number of subscribers should be found. Campaign goals that you want to achieve in your company through the social networks, every company has to promote sales. Since you are not in the real world, belittling and different ways of saying “you” are often used. The person to contact is never put on a first name basis on social media. The fan becomes the consumer Most important is the content! Customer service must be just as active on social media for feedback on products. As specialists, your business is SAFE with us and you and your business will never have any missteps happen again. The features of different social media sites is ever diverse. Regularly active users spread your products enormously on the social networks. Increased reach is how social networks live. Better are tangible followers instead of buying the company some online.

Build brand fans now and use new technologies like retargeting to increase conversions. Advertising with bloggers: Success with influencers

Get creative, tell your users your company story in social media and convince, especially as a start up new fans for your brand and for many years! targeted approach. Instagram, Whatsapp and Twitter, our consultants take care of your fanpages with cross-media ideas for more organic growth. Strongly planned: Attracting power of social media marketing! highly targeted approach. Get creative, tell your users a story in social media and inspire fans for many years. Use professionals and know how to make relevant online marketing decisions. The sharper your target audience, the more effective your interaction of your followers.