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Quickly, as never before, information reaches people, whether knowledge, news or recommendations from friends and influencers. Life is always digital. Do you personally profit from online trading? Does your brand benefit from the digital world? How does your company react to the new opportunities and opportunities in the marketing mix? None of us have ever learned to work in their profession and the digital transformation has come to companies, more and more online marketing managers are reacting to the trend. Communication is the spread of knowledge, news, but also emotions. Today, it reaches the world with smartphones at previously unknown speed.

We offer lectures for social commerce, marketing and channels

We answer your questions as keynote speaker. Conclusions from numerous campaigns make strong concepts. We offer practical experience and know-how from many media projects. We are digital natives and live in the social web. Digital transformation is omnipresent.

Through social media marketing, you make current non-buyers to new consumers and sustainable brand users. Then take them to the Markentreue. This is how they become real brand fans and ultimately brand sponsors. Our social media lectures in Atlanta inspire managers who want to achieve the highest visibility in and / or with social media marketing, but also marketing managers, who can make their decisions through digital business models and social media management now after the digital transformation or In the sense of the digitalization wave. The lectures are also for journalists and freelancers who want to get to know the digital opportunities for social media marketing.

  • How can you network your company digitally efficiently?
  • What position and reputation can your project in one
  • How do you set up your company in digital transformation?
  • Do you use social selling already for promotion and marketing?
  • And what technical knowledge do you need to adapt?
  • What strategies do you use for your company?
  • How do digitalization affect your industry?

We focus our lectures on these topics: Content Marketing, Social Media Services, Social Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Campaigns and Social Media Optimization:

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In the marketing of companies, we offer Keynote Speaker ONE Experts for all your user interaction in social networks.

Media usage is changing and the new generation of social networks are no less relevant to marketing managers than traditional social networks. We develop deeper concepts and strategies for innovative ways in social media marketing and management. Only with such innovative approaches, ideas and concepts brands can increase their sales through social media marketing. As a keynote speaker, our lectures at conferences all over Germany gladly pass on to the current generation of managers, so that they can develop new strategies from the know-how. That is why we often appear before the audience and in and in TV formats. In order to bring them closer to social networks and the group dynamics of the users step by step. Simple structured, comprehensible and with best practice case examples as well as real insiders. Your Experts.

Social Media Speaker for your conference in Atlanta

Managers know the preparation is the most important thing for all speakers to convey all information intelligibly and structured. For the individual knowledge from the companies, our speeches are divided into experience-based difficulty levels. As an event speaker, often only half an hour for the entire lecture with all its facets, one is lucky, one hour, to convey his specific subject area vividly. Most of our speeches are addressed to a foreign expert, such as department managers or salespeople, who want to use social media better for their decisions. More about our speakers and Speaker.

Coaching for sustainable success thanks to social media training

As a coach we are called by many different brands and companies, who want to bring their older managers to the latest state of the art. As a social media coach, you stay with the managers for a few days, so that you can reach all previously agreed goals for you. With full commitment and trusting cooperation, the team will design tailor-made concepts, methods and guidelines. Added to this are new networks, as well as Pinterest, Snapchat as well as Whatsapp and, of course, new direct marketing methods and bots. Here you can find our speakers and social media Trainers.

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Presentations for Management, Commerce and Advertising Campaigns

In our presentations, we provide a first expertise in your possibilities in social media marketing, with practical, concrete methods, from our perspective the ideal entry for social media marketing at the beginning of your career. Our consultants know immediately which medium is best for your fire and your circumstances. We would be pleased to advise you further, no matter if you need information about monitoring or social media marketing. Reach customers and sales gain, all of which bring you social networks. With Facebook you can achieve a lot. Interaction occupies a central role. When, where and how your marketing is talked, we find out for you during the monitoring. With case studies, we communicate which content you should post and when the best time is for it. Campaign targets that you want to achieve with social media management and marketing are defined by every company. Key figures is an important part of finding the right social media channel. In the different networks are target groups. Our planning for your company is very demanding and consists of a mix of different topics. The broad masses should have the right to be a speaker at any time. As a social media specialist, your company is safe with us and you will never have any more mistakes. In order to bind customers, the consumer satisfaction is right. Most significant is the content! Enthusiasm increases sales through high reach lives social media. Brand fans give your social media channels span width and remarkable weighting. There are different characteristics on the social platforms. No fake users from China, but real fans.

Now strategically build up branded footprints, use creative technologies like Retargetingpixel for your targeted project KPIs to reapply them. Celebrities are influencers, leading figures, opinion leaders and multipliers

Be creative, tell your users in social media your personal story and inspire followers for your brand and for many years. Use the attraction of social media marketing! Multinational campaigns. Build tag brands today, use new technologies such as retargeting to increase conversion. You are still wondering why? Social media networks offer you enormous potential for targeted targeting of user groups, efficient target group communication as well as perfectly targeted marketing messages. We work with social media managers for all relevant marketing decisions. A crossmedial appearance in social media. Tell your users a company history and convince you, just as a already successful company follower for many years! Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter: We manage your social media channel with always new modern strategies in the market