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Your Online Marketing Speaker! Our managers and consultants assist you in digital advertising as an advertising partner. With recommendations for the development of your marketing concept and, of course, for the acquisition of new customers. Especially innovations in the marketing mix of the methods like Blogger and Influencer Marketing have a rising influence on decisions in companies. Strategy with newsletter marketing, blog system, SEO, creative blogs with added value for your users, content ideas and live tracking for the exact recognition. Digital media change the everyday life of all target groups in all its facets.

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In order to ensure that our path does not lose its efficiency, we continue to develop strategies. With these new methods, your company can not only promote the new digital, but also the sale in retail (POS). As an online marketing expert, the established sectors, as well as SEO and SEA / SEM, for example, are viewed as creative blogs with added value for visitors, online advertising, newsletter, blogger relations and magazine PR worldwide. Simple, understandable and with insiders of managers as well as case studies.

Social, Newsletter, Tracking and A-B Tests Speaker

As speakers, we will give detailed answers to your questions about online marketing. No theoretical knowledge, we offer know how and agency experience from many media projects. Digital transformation and digitization are constantly present. Good speeches belong to every good event in any case. Keynote Speaker and Speaker now easy to book. On the basis of practical examples, we will show you the new and most promising trends and ideas for your online marketing. Of course, our online marketing lectures inspire managers and employees who want to reach the highest reach. Through online marketing, you make current non-buyers to new consumers and with happiness to sustainable brand users, then bring them to final brand loyalty. So they become true brand-name brands for your company and, finally, brand spades, which you also recommend to friends.

Especially social media marketing such as Influencer Marketing for reach, product placement and backlinks has a more lasting influence on advertising concepts. We make media with SEO, commercials, newsletter marketing, bloggers and influencers and PR measures for the exact recognition and numbers.

Online Marketing Basics

Monitoring we check the success of digital campaigns achieved. Nothing passes by concepts and strategies of modern networked marketing for companies. Through various measures such as SEO and search engine optimization, your online shop has achieved sustained success thanks to the ever-growing organic reach on the Internet. Digital distribution and reach will improve sales. Improve sales not only through Social Networks or Amazon, but also directly in your own Onlineshop. Working with marketing is about many areas. We keep a close eye on all the basic areas that exist in the digital marketing of phytic and digital products and services. In a media planning, the exchange of information makes strategies more compressed and much more effective with target groups.

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Our speakers help your managers find tailor-made ways, strategies and methods for their multimedial campaigns. Our managers and consultants are often on-site to optimize workflows and processes to actively train employees as well as executives, or to discover the strongest agencies for your marketing mix.

More traffic And high rankings through SEO measures

Digital marketplaces are infinitely large and little clear. All the more useful is a targeted strategy and the selection of the right channels. In online marketing agencies are particularly the search engines and all their functions, these are Adwords and Display ads or graphic advertising with banners. For marketing purposes, online marketing agencies and managers are currently using advertising on Google and its features for customers with Adwords. The intended change begins with marketing automation and goes through search engine optimization for the own blog up to Big Data. In management, search engine optimization is a fundamental component of the agency, as the success is very long-lasting and brands therefore profit in the coming years. Your innovative marketing speaker with many years of expertise for managers in strategic conception, marketing and planning. Your speaker for digital transformation and positioning your own brand.

KPIs through online marketing monitoring

The individual preferences and wishes of your fans are known to your online marketing managers thanks to their diverse usage and user data, networks and platforms From their visitors. Monitoring is done through network-internal software, such as Google Analytics for shops or the Business Manager from Facebook. In the subsequent evaluation, your employees quickly see which of your channels and content are running in a relative comparison. It is also a simple matter to refine the usability of your media.

Online Marketing Speaker

As Online Marketing Manager, we are entrusted by many companies and brands, then they want to bring their own employees back to the latest state of the art New settings and possibilities. One spends for consultation with under a very long time in order to achieve the optimal result for you. Many listeners want to improve their understanding of online marketing, so many of our speeches are aimed at an expert audience. The targeted preparation of the lecture is decisive as a speaker for understandable information transfer. The task of the trainer is always to create concepts with trustworthy, joint work with your managers.