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Agency for Online Marketing in Bochum – All our experts and consultants are well-trained digital natives, so we as consultants plan concrete strategies for brands and companies. Media usage behavior has been sustainably changed by digital media, this forces also companies to rethink. Especially social media marketing like blogger and influencer marketing for reach and backlinks has a higher impact on almost all marketing departments. Online marketing for businesses with newsletter funnel, targeting, magazine PR, online ads, A/B comparisons and social media for high reach sites.

We have the strongest speakers for your Online Marketing Congress

So that our way does not lose its degree of effectiveness, we develop concepts further. As online marketing experts, we consider the established areas, as well as, for example, targeting and retargeting, PR in magazines, advertisements, A-B comparison for advertisements and social . Only with these innovative ideas, approaches and concepts can companies increase their sales. Simply structured, clear, understandable and with case studies and real insiders.

Social, bloggers and influencers, ads, interesting blog and content strategies speaker

As speakers, we answer your individual questions. No theoretical knowledge, we offer practical agency experience and know-how from many media projects. With successful best practices we show the new trends and ideas for your own online marketing. The trend towards digitalization in companies can be seen everywhere, not only in online business. Good speeches are part of every good event. Find the most renowned speaker now simply with us as your partner. Digital brand fans? Through online marketing strategies, non-buyers become first consumers of your brand, brand users and true fans and ultimately brand sponsors. Our lectures in Bochum inspire of course especially managers and employees who want to achieve the highest visibility in or with online marketing experts and alsoManager who align your company through digital business units and online marketing now already after the digital transformation or digitization to increase their own goals.

Digital marketing for business with retargeting and targeting on blogs, magazine PR, online advertising, good content, A/B testing and social media marketing efforts for efficient media. Especially innovations like blogger and influencer marketing for reach and link building have a higher impact on almost all decisions in marketing agencies.

Online Marketing Basics

With SEO or search engine optimization, mostly for Google, your shop has sustainable success through higher organic reach in your target group. Monitoring measures and previously established key figures, your online marketing agency checks the overall economic success of the campaigns. Nothing leads today to concepts and strategies of marketing past, profit already economically. Profit also from search engine placement. Let’s therefore cast an eye on the most important areas that exist in the promotion of services. So don’t just increase sales on Amazon, increase performance directly in your online store. In media planning, the smooth exchange of information makes strategies more detailed and much more effective in achieving goals.

More traffic and high ranking through SEO and SEM measures

Especially popular in agencies are the search engines and all their functions and, as well as Adwords and display ads or advertising with banners. The more important is the in advance targeted, digital marketing strategy and always also the selection for the right channels. Digital marketplaces are, extensive, large and sometimes confusing. The change begins content marketing and goes through the digital transformation in the company to targeted advice for digital campaigns and SEO measures on their own homepage. Your partner for digital transformation and positioning of your brand. Take advantage of efficient consulting and expertise with skills in conception, marketing and planning. In agencies, search engine optimization such as Google and Bing is one of the most important components in the work of the agency.

Online marketing consulting for brands and agencies

Our consultants are sometimes also longer in the companies and train managers. As speakers, our consultants help you with the targeted development of strategies.

Check and optimize sales with monitoring methods

The many usage and user data, help to understand the very own preferences of the visitors more precisely. Monitoring is done by software, such as the Facebook Business Manager or Google Analytics or Webmastertools for placements. Through the following analysis of the monitoring, you also know which of the channels and postings are running in your own target group. In addition, your project team can improve the usability, bit by bit, with constant optimization after the analysis.

Find and book experienced online marketing experts

We often notice that many are looking for a basic understanding, many had little intersection with the topic beforehand. That’s why we consider non-specialist audiences in all presentations. As managers, we are hired by numerous brands and brands that want to bring their young managers up to speed with the latest technology. As a trainer at spends a long time consulting with your employees to achieve the optimal result for the client and to improve your bottom line. Managers know, the preparation of the technical talk is crucial for Speaker to convey information in an understandable way. The task of the corporate trainer is always to design concepts in effective cooperation with managers.

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