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The digital transformation in companies and industries throughout Germany and worldwide has been in full swing since before yesterday; no one has ever really learned everything in their job. Our lives are digital and influence our actions. Now this raises the question: Do you benefit from the digital economy? Does your company benefit from the digital environment? How is your brand responding to the new possibilities and opportunities in modern marketing? Information, whether it is knowledge, news or recommendations from friends, reaches us today faster than ever before. Communication, the global dissemination of information, photos and news, reaches us quickly, as never before, through smartphones and social networks.
Using practical examples, we show you new trends and ideas for social media marketing in lectures. In lectures we speak from our own project experience, not from theoretical knowledge from books, as well as by lecturers. We live in the social web with all its advantages. At our lectures we give answers to your questions about social media as speakers. The digital transformation is present.

Presentations for advertising campaigns, optimization and marketing

Through social media marketing, you turn non-buyers into consumers and brand users. Then get them to become brand loyalists. Because this is how non-buyers and brand users become real brand fans for your company and ultimately brand sponsors who are happy to recommend you. Our social media lectures in Wuppertal are especially inspiring for managers and employees who want to achieve the highest reach. Likewise for freelancers and self-employed who want to learn to understand the digital concepts and strategies of social media marketing.

Our speakers will give you answers to questions:

  • How do you make your company fit for digitalization?
  • How can I network my company digitally efficiently?
  • Which recommendations for action do you use to win over influencers for your product marketing?
  • What are your company’s positioning options in a connected, digital world?
  • How could you profitably apply trends like social selling on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to your brand?
  • Are your markets influenced by the current digitalization?

We focus our presentations in Wuppertal on these points: Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Commerce, Social Media Marketing Case Studies, Social Media Services and Social Media Campaigns:

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With creative experts from our personal network for Facebook and experience for all relevant marketing decisions.

New social networks like Pinterest are no less relevant for social media marketing managers than the classic social networks used by billions of people around the world. To ensure that social media advertising does not lose its level of effectiveness, we develop more advanced concepts and strategies. Only through new concepts, ideas and approaches companies can increase their sales through social commerce. Giving knowledge is one of the most important virtues in management. Understandable, simply structured and with examples as well as real insiders. We also convey the risks and opportunities of social networks in media and broadcasting. Find out more about our speakers and social media experts here.

Your speakers for high quality presentations

Managers know that preparation is crucial for speakers to convey information in a comprehensible way. For a fairly comprehensive topic, you may only have half an hour to cover all the basics in your presentation. Most of our speeches and presentations at events are given to non-specialist audiences, e.g. sales managers or executives who want to understand social media in more depth. For individual levels of knowledge, we have divided the speeches into different levels of difficulty. Our speakers.

Social Media Trainer: Success for your employees

We are called upon by many different brands and companies when they want to keep their teams up to date with the latest technology, new possibilities and functions. With full commitment and in effective cooperation with the employees, individual strategies and concepts are developed. As a trainer on spends for consulting services sometimes long time with your managers to fulfill the best result for the customer. You start at the front on many days, with the basic settings of Youtube and Instagram. Here you will find about our keynote speakers and trainers.

Our social media consultants and lecturers. More about our speakers and authors.

Speeches for Channels, Commerce and Marketing

Our trainers will find out at each appointment which social network will be right for your company for online marketing. Our agency will be happy to advise you further, whether you need help with social commerce, referral management or monitoring. To see what content your employees can post and when is the best time to post it, we will show you several best practices from your professional life. Social media will help you attract employees, new customers and new reach for your business, sustainably of course. Through Facebook, you can achieve a lot as a company and brand through targeted review. With social media monitoring, we find out when and how people are talking about your brand on social media. The easiest way to get started, even for beginners, with concrete suggestions for action and an assessment of your potential opportunities after the presentations. Different target groups find each other in the different platforms. Our planning is very demanding and includes a mix of diverse topics. The persons responsible in your company must always consider the target group beforehand. Essential key figures help to make the most effective profiles of the social networks. Every company has campaign goals that can be achieved with social media management. Appealing to the audience in the social media channels is very important. Enthusiasm for a product increases brand loyalty and thus sales That’s why questions from customers must always get feedback on social media as well. With us as content specialists, your business is on the safe side and no missteps will happen to you and your company. Content is the most important thing! On social media, it’s all duh. Tangible followers, instead of imitations from Japan. Each differentiated social media has several characteristics. Social media thrives on many people, which should be reached. Brand followers give your social media channels high reach and expressive relevance.

Build brand fans strategically without delay, use creative tools like retargeting pixels to increase reach. What are influencers?

Facebook, Youtube or Instagram: We manage your social media channel sustainably with cross-media marketing strategies for more organic growth. Extremely fast reach increase. Media usage is increasingly shifting to the web. The more defined your target group is the higher the user interaction of your users will be. very targeted addressing of user groups. Perfectly planned: Power of Social Media Marketing! Efficient interaction with the community. Win new followers for the future with well-designed strategies.