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Communication It reaches us today at not yet known speed anywhere in the world, whether Paris, Shanghai, Los Angeles or London. Nobody is ever really learned in his job. The digital transformation has arrived in the priority of companies, more and more online marketing managers understand the trend of renewal. Our life is always digital and changes our actions. Honestly, do you profit from the online economy? Is the digital world already profitable for your company? How do you react to the possibilities in the marketing mix in your important decisions? Fast as never reach information the people, no matter whether recommendations from friends, news or even knowledge.
Everywhere the trend of digitization of markets and industries is to be seen, not only in the online trade. We answer your questions as a speaker. For lectures we speak from concrete experience, not from theoretical applied knowledge and know-how from social media books. In our lectures we present the new trends in marketing and unique best practices. In everyday life, we are as digital natives 24 hours a day, we are always online.

We provide speeches for advertising campaigns, optimization and management.

We are looking for managers who align their brands with social media and digital business models for the digital transformation, for more success in the planned marketing. Also for freelancers and self-employed, who want to expand their digital strategies through social media. Through social media marketing, you make current non-buyers to consumers and brand users, then bring them to final brand loyalty. Thus, non-buyers become genuine brand-name brands for your company and ultimately brand names.

  • How can you get the most out of your business?
  • What is your brand’s reputation in a networked, digital world?
  • Is your industry changing through digital transformation?
  • Why Social Media and Marketing?
  • Social Commerce
  • Social Media Optimization and Monitoring
  • Social Media Marketing

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In digital marketing, our speaker agency provides expertise for all your user interaction in social networks.

As a social media expert, one looks at the classic media as well as the new social networks worldwide. Social media marketing is about developing the new form of digital advertising. With these special methods, your brand can not only boost the new digital but also the stationary sale at the point of sale. As speakers, our experience is passed on to the current generation of managers so that they can develop new methods from the know-how. Simple, understandable and with examples as well as real insiders. This is why we are also more frequently exposed to TV cameras. In order to show them step by step the opportunities and risks of social networks and the group dynamics within the networks. Learn more about our Keynote Speaker and Experts.

Speaker for Conferences

As a speaker of a big event or even a keynote speaker, the preparation for the day before is crucial for the audience’s understanding. Then, as a speaker, you often have only half an hour for the entire lecture with all its facets, with a little luck one hour to pack its complex subject area vividly for the audience. We often notice that many of the audiences in the audience want to improve their understanding of social media. That is why we take into account the public in all our presentations. Our speakers can individually answer the knowledge of our participants, since the lectures are categorized into different levels of experience. Your Speaker.

Trainers: Achieving success for your employees

Managers and teams always have the state of affairs to book brands as coaches for social media. Instagram and Youtube, as a speaker you often start at the very beginning. You spend a very long time with your employees in order to achieve optimal results for the customer and to optimize your sales in the long term. In effective collaboration, employees are developed strategies, methods and concepts. Our Social Media Trainers.

Our Social Media Authors. Here you can find our Social Media Lecturers.

Presentations for advertising campaigns, optimization and management

With various, meaningful case studies, we show when the ideal times are, and of course what content you can post for your target group. Our consultants know immediately which medium is best for you for digital marketing. We are happy to advise you, whether you need tips on monitoring or social media marketing. Where, how and when your brand is discussed, we find out through monitoring in the analyzes. The easiest introduction with concrete recommendations for action and an expertise of your possibilities. Social networks can help you gain new reach for new customers and employees. Each company has individual planned goals, for the conversion optimization that it wants to create with social media management and marketing. In order to reach the most important for you, important key figures such as the number of subscribers should be found. There are different target groups in the different social media channels. The content is filtered out in various working steps. In your company, the managers involved must always consider the previously target group in social media management and marketing. The flawless form of addressing on the social media channels is the most important. With us as a content specialist, your company is in safe hands and you will never again fail. In social media is only geduzt. Customer service must also be represented on the social platforms to answer community questions. Satisfaction with the product multiplies brand loyalty and thus lets sales rise The most important thing is the content! Social media lives on a lot of reach. No fake subscribers from all over the world, but tangible users. The peculiarities of the different social media are always different. To win a community, the company needs committed users.

What are Influencers? Build strategic and strategic branding for yourself and your agency now.

With smart, highly interlinked marketing concepts between Instagram and Facebook. In terms of digital marketing, our social media agency offers experts for your campaigns. Why? Social media platforms offer you enormous potential for efficient interaction with the community, targeted addressing of user groups as well as efficient communication with the community. Perfectly planned: Power of Social Media Marketing! Your crossmedial brand appearance. Tell your fans in social media your story and win, just as an already successful company brand fans for your brand and for many years! Become creative, tell your Tokyo fans your story and convince fans for your branding and for many years. Interaction of the users is what matters in the social media. The precise target group raises the interaction rate decisively. The more precise the target group, the higher the interaction rate of your users.