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No one has learned everything in their job and the digital transformation is in full swing. More and more marketing managers are responding to the trend towards modern solutions in the company. Information, whether recommendations from friends, news or even interesting knowledge, reaches people today quickly and efficiently as never before. Communication It reaches us people today in unknown speed worldwide. Life, whether at work or in everyday life, is becoming increasingly digital. Now questions arise: Is the new digital world already being used profitably by your employees? Are you digitally connected? Are you profiting from the online economy? How are you responding to the new opportunities in your company’s modern marketing mix?

We offer initial consultation for services, social media campaigns and commerce

As social media managers, we spend our time not only at work, but always on the social web. Conclusions from numerous campaigns provide strong concepts. No theoretical knowledge, we offer practical experience and know how from many media projects. Digital transformation is constantly omnipresent throughout everyday life. As speakers we answer your questions about social media. In the lectures we present the new trends in marketing and unique best practices.

We speak for CEOs and managers who already align their project with the digital transformation or the digitalization of all markets through digital business models and social media marketing. And of course, all the lectures are also for publicists and self-employed who want to expand their digital scope of action through social media. How are digital brand fans created? Through social media marketing, non-buyers become the first consumers of your brand, brand users and, through their loyalty, true brand fans and ultimately brand sponsors for you.

Our speakers will give you answers to questions in our presentations:

  • What recommended actions will you use to attract influencers?
  • How are you positioning your company for digitization?
  • How can I network my company digitally efficiently?
  • Are you already using social selling to market effectively on Instagram and YouTube?
  • What expertise and technical know-how do your managers need to take advantage of digital opportunities?
  • What reputation can your company achieve in the new digital world?

We focus the presentations on the following topics: Social Media Services, Social Commerce, Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Campaigns and Social Media Marketing Strategies:

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When it comes to digital marketing, we at Keynote Speaker ONE have expertise across all social networks.

The next generation of social networks are as much for social media experts as the traditional social networks, which are now used by billions of people worldwide. For social media experts, it’s all about thinking ahead about the form of online advertising on social networks. This way, your brand can increase digital but also retail sales. Giving new knowledge is one of the most important virtues in management. Understandable, simply structured and with industry insiders of managers as well as examples. We also convey the individual opportunities and risks of social networks in media and broadcasting. Our social media marketing consultants and experts.

Your keynote speaker for high quality presentations

As a speaker at an online marketing conference or even a keynote speaker, the preparation of the presentation and the bundled transport of information is always the decisive factor. We have classified presentations for our clients into separate levels of difficulty, so that our speakers can personally address the personal level of knowledge of the visitors. Then, as a speaker, you often only have half an hour. If things go well for the speaker, one hour to convey his special topic vividly at the moment of the speech. Many of our speeches are held in front of an audience not familiar with the subject. Our speakers.

With individual tips and recommendations for action on the road to success thanks to social media marketing trainers

As a trainer, we are commissioned by many companies and brands when they want to bring their own managers up to date with the latest technology in order to learn new settings and possibilities. In addition, there are many new optional networks such as Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest and of course new direct marketing methods such as Whatsapp or bots in Facebook. With full commitment and in trusting cooperation, concepts, methods and strategies are developed. As a social media trainer you are a few hours in the individual department, with the employees, to fulfill the best result for the customer and to partially increase your profit in parallel. Our social media marketing trainers.

Our Social Media Lecturers. Here you can find about our speakers and authors.

Social media presentations for marketing, commerce, channels, optimization, campaigns, services

Using different best practices, we communicate what content your managers can post and when is the best time to post it. You can achieve a lot with your brand via Facebook and other networks. With social media monitoring we find out when, where and how people are discussing your company, interaction plays a big role. Potential customers, gain more reach and sales, social media allows you to do all this. On lectures we give you a first expertise of your possibilities, with practical, concrete recommendations for action, the optimal start for social media marketing already at the beginning of your career. Whether you need tips on social commerce or monitoring, we can advise you at any time. Our coaches know right away which network will be the best for you for online marketing. The subscriber should be permanently considered here. The differing audience can each be found actively in different social networks. Content is filtered out in different workflows. To find the best social media channels, important metrics like follower count should be tracked down. Every brand has individual goals, which it can create with social media management and marketing. Since the customer is not in the real world, belittling and forms of address “you” are often used. Product love increases brand loyalty and thus makes sales grow With us as specialists, you and your company are SAFE and missteps will never happen to you again. Customer service should be just as active on social platforms to answer community questions. The most important thing is the content! Subscribers are exclusively duelled on social media. Social media thrives on a lot of outreach. Social platforms each work differently. Youtube, Snapchat & Co. have their diverse features. Buying subscribers is not good. Brand fans give your profiles on social media essential range and remarkable importance.

Influencers: how marketing with influencers works Build brand fans for the long term now.

What we create as social media managers – virality on social media, classic word of mouth! Facebook, Vimeo and Instagram: Our consultants manage your social media channels sustainably with cross-media strategies for more organic reach. Convince fans for the future with well-made concepts together with us as social media managers. Get the attraction of social media marketing for your event! Efficient community communication. Build brand fans strategically now, use new tools from Facebook like retargeting for your targeted KPIs to revisit. We work with the right social media managers for communities for all relevant core areas in social media marketing. With smart and highly interlinked ideas between Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. targeted approach.