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Information reaches people faster than ever before, whether it’s recommendations from friends, news or even knowledge. The whole life is always digital and changes our decisions. How do you react to the opportunities in marketing? Does your company already benefit from the digital world? Are your employees digitally connected in all core areas, including customer satisfaction management? Is the digital economy already bringing returns to your firm? Communication is the dissemination of knowledge, news but also emotions. Today, with smartphones, it reaches us humans quickly, like never before in all of history. None of us is unlearned in our profession and the digital transformation is in full swing. More and more marketing managers are responding to the new trend.

Speeches for marketing, social commerce and advertising campaigns

We are digital natives and live on the social web. Digitization is omnipresent in all of our daily lives. Using practical examples, we will show you the new trends in marketing and ideas for social media marketing for companies. As speakers, we answer your questions. In lectures, we speak from concrete experience from projects, not from theoretical knowledge and know-how from books, and often by lecturers.

Do you know the process of digital brand fans? Through your strategy, non-buyers become first consumers, brand users and through their loyalty become true fans and finally brand sponsors for your company. Our social media lectures inspire of course especially managers and employees who want to achieve the highest reach in or with social media for their project but also managers who already align their decisions through social media marketing and purely digital business models according to the digital transformation or in the sense of digitalization to increase their own business goals. Likewise, the lectures are also for freelancers and self-employed who want to learn the digital strategies of social media marketing.

Our speakers will give you answers to questions in social media marketing:

  • Perception: What positioning options does your company have in the digital world?
  • Will digital transformation have a lasting impact on your industry?
  • What expertise and technical know-how does your company need to adapt to take advantage of the multi-faceted digital opportunities and potential possibilities?
  • Are you already using social selling for effective promotion and marketing on social media?
  • Which recommendations for action do you use to win over influencers and ambassadors for your company?

We focus on these points in our presentations: Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Commerce, Social Media Services and Content Marketing:

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When it comes to online marketing, we offer experts for your campaigns and promotions.

As social media experts, we consider the traditional media as well as the new social networks worldwide. For innovative strategies and concepts in social media management and marketing, we take strategies further. Only with innovative ideas and approaches can companies improve online commerce through social commerce. As speakers, we like to pass on our practical experience in speeches to the next generation of managers so that they can create new strategies from the know-how. Understandable, clear and with examples as well as new insiders. We also convey the multifaceted opportunities and risks of social networks in media and broadcasting. Our experts.

The speakers for exciting presentations in Cologne

As a speaker at an online marketing event or even a keynote speaker, the preparation of the technical talk is the most important thing. We can react individually to the level of knowledge of our audience, because the lectures are split into flexible levels of difficulty. Quite often, as a speaker, you only have half an hour for the entire presentation. If it goes well, one hour to convey such a special topic as online and social media management in a structured and clear way for the audience. Most talks are aimed at an audience outside the field, such as managers or sales managers, who want to understand social media more deeply for their actions in everyday life. More about our speakers and social media speakers.

Trainer: With practice to sustainable success

In order to have their own employees up to date, clubs book us as coaches. With full commitment and in effective cooperation with the employee, concepts, methods and strategies are developed. As a coach you are days with the managers to achieve the best result for the client and to increase the profit afterwards. We often start with the absolute basics, so with the basic functions of Instagram and Youtube. Your Social Media Coaches.

Your instructors. Our social media authors.

We offer speeches for social media campaigns, commerce and social services

Based on multifaceted best practices, we communicate when the ideal time is and, of course, what kind of content your employees need to publish for your target group. Where and when people are talking about your company, that’s what we find out during social media monitoring in the analyses. With Facebook and other networks you can achieve a lot as a company and brand through targeted monitoring. Reach potential customers and gain sales, all this is made possible by social networks. We know which social network is right for you and your individual circumstances. We are happy to advise you further, whether you need information about social commerce or monitoring. On our speeches we give you a first expertise of your potential possibilities in social media marketing. With practical, concrete recommendations for action, from our side the most suitable start for social media. The diverse users are each regularly registered in diverse networks. The creation of the content requires diverse topics. Essential metrics are used to make the strongest feeds of the social networks. The follower should have a constant say in this. Every brand has different planned goals that it wants to achieve with social media marketing and management. Since the customer is in the revolutionary internet, belittling and different forms of addressing “you” are often used. Content is the most important thing! Because our social media heroes are best fit in this and other areas, you are on the safe side. On social media, don’t be on a first-name basis. Customer service should also be on social media for feedback on fan questions. The follower becomes a consumer All social media channels is different in handling. Youtube, Instagram, Twitter & Co. have their differences. Better are tangible users, instead of buying some. NewHigh level is essential for social media. Brand fans give your business pages on social media high reach and remarkable importance.

Influencers are multipliers, opinion leaders and leading figures like athletes Build brand fans now in a planned way and use smart technologies like retargeting to increase conversions.

Perfectly planned: Power of Social Media Marketing! highly targeted targeting of user groups. Get creative, tell your cologne users a story in social media and convince new fans for your brand and for many years. Why? Social media networks like Facebook, Snapchat and Instgram offer you enormous potential for perfectly targeted actions, extremely fast reach increase but also multinational marketing campaigns. The more precisely the target group is determined by social media management, the more effectively your user interaction of your social media channel increases. Habits change, so the media use shifts not only recently increasingly to the Internet and social media.