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Our life is increasingly digital. Now the question arises: How does your company react to the possibilities in the marketing mix? Is the new digital world already being used by your employees for profit? Are you digitally linked in all core areas? Does the online trading of your company bring sustainable returns? No one is being trained in the profession and the digital transformation is in full swing. More and more managers understand the new trend. Information, whether knowledge, news or recommendations from friends, reach us today as never before. Communication, the global spread of knowledge, news, but also emotions, reaches with smartphones at not-known speed anywhere in the world.

Help for Marketing, Commerce, Channels, Optimization, Campaigns, Services

For lectures, we speak of concrete project experience, not of theoretical knowledge from books, for example through lecturers. We answer your big questions as speakers and keynote speakers on lectures. As digital natives, we always spend our time on the social web. In the lectures, we will discuss best practices and new trends in marketing. Everywhere the trend of digitization of markets and industries is to be seen, not only in the online trade.

Do you know the process of digital brand fans? Through your strategy, non-buyers become consumers of your brand, brand-name users, and true fans, and ultimately to brand sponsors. Our social media lectures in Cape Town inspire managers and employees who want to achieve the highest visibility. Of course our lectures are also for journalists and self-employed who want to get to know the digital opportunities for social media marketing with all their individual challenges.

  • How do you make your business fit for digitization?
  • How can you network your business digitally efficiently?
  • What is the best way to get your marketing company in the digital world?
  • Do you use trends like social selling on Facebook and Instagram for your business?

The following topics focus on our speeches in Cape Town:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Services
  • Social Commerce
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Optimization

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In the multimedial marketing, our agency has experts for your campaigns.

For experts, the concept of digital campaigns is to think about the digital form of advertising and to always find new approaches. As social media experts we consider the established media, for example Youtube, as well as the new social networks around the world. Because only with new ideas, approaches and concepts, companies can optimize online trading through social media commerce. Speaking in her lectures, Speaker is giving new knowledge. We also communicate the different chances and risks of social networks on the radio. With latest industry insiders of social media managers and examples, understandable and easily brought closer. Our Social Media consultants and Experts.

Social Media Speaker for Events

As a speaker of an event or even keynote speaker, the preparation of the lecture is crucial. We have categorized lectures and workshops into different levels of experience, so our speakers will respond flexibly to the knowledge of the participants. The topic design is sometimes complex, because for a relatively extensive topic such as social media, one has as a speaker only three-quarters of an hour. Most of our speeches and lectures as speakers at events go then to a strange person. Your Speaker.

Trainer: Direct success for your employees

In order to keep whole teams on the technological state of things, book us associations as social media coaches. We often start with the absolute basic knowledge for beginners, that is, at the Basics of Youtube and Instagram. As a coach you spend days, sometimes several weeks, in the individual department, with the teams, in order to achieve the optimal result for you and to optimize the profit over the long term. In partnership, methods, concepts and strategies are developed. Here you can find our speakers and social media Trainers.

Our Lecturers. Your authors.

Speaking for Channels, Commerce, and Management

The ideal start with concrete multimedial methods and an assessment and expertise of your possibilities. When monitoring in social networks, we find out together, how, when and where your brand is being discussed, interaction occupies a large role. Whether you need information about social media marketing or customer support, we are happy to advise you. Our trainers know right away which social media will be the best for online marketing. Customers, more reach and employees gain, all this bring social networks. In order to see which content you or your employees have to post and when the right time is, we will discuss with different case studies. There are different target groups in the different social media channels. The contents are filtered out at different working days. Each brand has individual goals, for the reach it wants to create with social media management and marketing. For this reason, the responsible team members must be considered at all times by the responsible target group. In order to find the most important social media channels, important key figures such as the number of subscribers should be found. Content is the most important! The fans are turning into customers The contact person is never seen in the social platforms. As a specialist, your company is in safe hands with us and you and your company will never be more misguided. This is why fans’ questions should always be considered on the social networks. Active followers spread your products tremendously. Tangible fans, rather than fakes from Asia. Social platforms are always diverse. Facebook, Snapchat, Facebook & Co. have their special features. Social networks need attention and audience.

Immediately build brand fans. Influencers are multipliers, leading figures and educators

Get the Power of Social Media Marketing! Efficient community communication. Be creative, tell your Cape Town users in social media your story and convince you just as Start Up Fans for many years. With social media managers and know-how for all key areas of on-line marketing. Marketing on the Web: With its extremely fast communication processes, its speed of dissemination, has been entering the strategy mix of marketing departments for decades. The more precisely your own target group, the higher the user interaction of your users. Efficient communication with the community. With smart and crossmedial marketing concepts between Facebook and Instagram.