Online Marketing Speaker Shenzhen: Social Marketing, Newsletter Funnel, Tracking and A / B Test

We are your online marketing speaker for brands in and around Berlin! Our managers and consultants support your company in the B2C and B2B business as advertising partners. With good tips for building your online marketing concept and for generating new customer groups. Especially innovations like Blogger and Influencer Marketing have a greater importance in important decisions in companies. We construct media with SEO, PR, blogger, targeting and newsletters for efficient media. Digital media affects the lives of every target group elementary.

We provide the most creative speakers for the next online marketing lecture

The new opportunities are just as much for online marketing managers as the traditional concepts. So your company can promote the digital as well as the sale in the trade. We develop further concepts and strategies for innovative ways in online marketing management. With case studies and insiders, simple and comprehensible.

Speaker for blogger relations, retargeting and targeting on blogs, search engine optimization and / or SEA as well as SEM, tracking, A / B comparison for ads and advertising campaigns

As a speaker, we provide detailed answers to your specific questions about online marketing. The trend towards digitalization can be seen everywhere. Good presentations from well-known industry experts always belong to every good event in any case. In lectures, we speak of concrete experience from projects, not theoretical knowledge from books, for example, through lecturers. Book the most creative speakers straightforward and uncomplicated. On the basis of practical case studies we show the new and most promising trends and ideas for online marketing. We speak for managers who align your brand with digital business and community-based online marketing after digital transformation.

Online marketing for companies with social commerce, bloggers, commercials, exciting blogs and content concepts for the fast realization of the knowledge. In particular, social media marketing like Blogger and Influencer Marketing Linkaufbau has a greater place in companies.

Online Marketing Basics

Today, there is no way to pass the strategies and concepts of online marketing, you can recognize these possibilities. Increase your profit now with high rankings in search engines. Monitoring measures and previously defined key figures, your online marketing agency may subsequently analyze the net sequence that is ultimately achieved directly during the advertising process. With strategies such as SEO and search engine optimization, your online shop has sustained success through higher organic reach. To increase sales not only on Amazon, lift the performance directly in your own e-commerce. Online marketing is about much, we take a look at the basic areas. In a media planning, the exchange of information makes concepts, as well as the subsequent strategy.

Monitoring and selling successes and monitoring with monitoring

Monitoring is made by software like Google Analytics for homepages or Facebook’s business manager for social media marketing. By analyzing and evaluating all data, your employees also see which of your postings perform well in comparison to the other content. It is also easy to increase usability through permanent analysis. The wide-ranging users and usage data (Big Data) help to meet the needs and wishes of all your visitors to the store.

Consultancy for Companies: Success with Online Marketing

In the targeted development of strategies. Our managers and consultants are often long-term in business, and continue to train executives and employees.

Search engine optimization for strong e-commerce performance

Online trading and marketing is very diverse in practice. In online marketing agencies, of course, you use the search engines and their functions, which are Adwords but also Display Ads. The more decisive is the pre-targeted digital advertising strategy and the selection of the right sales hannel. The intended change begins with marketing automation and goes through search engine optimization for the own blog up to Big Data and its analyzes. Your speakers for digital brand communication and positioning. In our management optimization of search engines has paid much attention. Your innovative marketing speaker with competences in design, strategy and online marketing.


As a coach, you spend with taking a lot of time with the managers to get the best result for you and to improve your profit sustainably. As a keynote speaker, the targeted preparation of the lectures in Shenzhen is crucial in order to convey all relevant information in a comprehensible and simple manner. Many are looking for a basic understanding in the field, so we take consideration of the audience without prior experience in all speeches. As coaches, we are committed by many companies and brands, if they always want to bring their employees up to date with the latest technology in order to get to know new possibilities and attitudes.