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Communication, the global spread of knowledge, news, but also emotions, reaches with smartphones quickly, as never before, through social networks and smartphones. Our entire life is becoming more and more digital. Now, of course, the question arises: How does your company react to the opportunities in marketing? Does your brand benefit from the digital world? Is your company digitally linked in all important core areas, including customer management? Honestly, do you benefit from the digital economy? Fast as never before, we get information on social networks, whether it’s news, recommendations or shopping tips. Not just since yesterday is the digital transformation in full running, none of us has ever learned.

Social Media Lectures for Services, Social Media Campaigns and Commerce

We are talking about practical experiences from projects, not theoretical knowledge and know-how from social media books. As a speaker, we give detailed answers to your questions. The digitization trend is everywhere, not just online. With successful best practices, we show the new and most promising trends in marketing and ideas for social media marketing. In everyday life we ​​are as a Digital Natives 24h daily, we are permanently online.

Make up-to-date non-buyers to new consumers, to brand users, and bring them to brand loyalty. So they become genuine brand fans and finally brand names, which you would like to recommend. Our lectures inspire, of course, managers and employees who want to achieve the highest visibility in social media, as well as marketing managers, who orient their actions through digital business models and social media management after digital transformation or digitization. Also for freelancers and self-employed who want to expand their digital strategies through the opportunities of social media.

  • Our technical know-how and expertise needs to adapt your company to take advantage of the digital opportunities ?
  • How do you make your company fit for digitalization?
  • What strategies do you like to use Influencer?
  • How can you make your company digitally efficient?
  • How can you make the most of your business in an increasingly networked world?
  • Network?

We focus on these topics in our lectures: Social Media Services, Social Commerce, Content Marketing, Social Media Efficiency and Optimization, Social Media Campaigns and Social Media Marketing Concepts:

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With experts from the personal network for all the key core areas of marketing.

We as social media experts regard the established social networks just like the new ones around the world. For all experts, the concept of campaigns is about developing the new form of digital advertising. This allows your company to promote digital as well as stationary sales at the point of sale (POS). Giving knowledge is one of the most important virtues in management. Simple, clear, understandable and with insiders of managers as well as case studies. Social networks offer chances and risks for brands, we bring them closer to German broadcasting media. Our Experts.

Social Media Keynote Speaker for Buenos Aires Events

As the speaker of an online marketing conference, the pre-conference preparation and the bundled information transport are the most important for the understanding of the listeners. For an extensive and complex topic, one in the lecture remains less than an hour time for all keywords. In the lectures it often occurs that many are looking for a basic understanding, many had previously only little contact with the matter. That is why many of our presentations are aimed at a non-specialist audience. We have split workshops and speeches into different levels of difficulty, so our speakers can individually address the respective knowledge and experience of the audience. More about our speakers and Speaker.

Trainers: Achieving success for your employees

We are called as a trainer by various brands and companies who want to bring their older managers back to the latest technology. As a coach you are a few hours, in order to reach the optimal result for the customer. As a coach, it is a matter of always working out methods in partnership with your management team. We usually start with the absolute basics, with the basic settings of Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Your Trainers.

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Lectures for Channels, Commerce and Management

The ideal start with concrete recommendations for action and an expertise of your possibilities. Customers, reach and employees win, all of these enable you to social media. Interaction plays an important role. Where, how and when your marketing is spoken, we find out in the analyzes during the monitoring. With Facebook you can achieve a lot. Whether you need tips on social media management or help for commerce, our agency will advise you at any time. We find out which social media is best for your company. In order to see which content your employees are able to post, and when the posting is the strongest time, we take a look at multi-faceted case studies. The predefined goals that you want to achieve in your company through social media marketing, defines each brand. In order to find the most valuable social media channel, the number of followers can be presented. The different audiences are different in different platforms. Our planning is at the highest level and includes a mix of different topics. Therefore we have the best experience in this and other suitability fields, you and your company are on the safe side. The community becomes consumers The contact person is exclusively limited in the social platforms. In order to tie fans, customer enthusiasm should be in tune. The most important thing is the content! No fake users from China, but tangible users. In order to gain in reach, your company need! Your company dedicated users. Social media always works differently. Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter & Co. have their peculiarities. Social networks need span width.

Build yourself up today with creative social media management brand fans, use smart tools like Retargetingpixel for your desired project KPIs to take them off again. What are Influencers and What is Influencer Marketing?

Extremely fast increase in range. Interaction of own fans is what is important in the social media, a precisely selected target group increases the user interaction rate sustainably. Take advantage of the power of social media marketing now! Multinational marketing campaigns. Tell your Buenos Aires fans in social media a company history and win you, just as an owner-owned company follower for many years. Build brand awareness with your agency and use creative technologies like retargeting pixels to reapply them. We work with reliable professionals for group dynamics and experience for all relevant core areas for online marketing. Web, with all its extremely fast processes, is firmly anchored in the strategy mix of marketing departments. Social Media Marketing designs for your project management viral events, extremely fast real-time increase but also multinational marketing campaigns. With options such as Graph Search, great techniques are at your disposal. Not only to analyze your subscribers in detail