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Quickly and purposefully as never before we get information, whether recommendations from friends and influencers, news or even special knowledge. Nobody is ever learned. The digital transformation is in full operation. More and more managers understand the new trend. Communication Nowadays, it reaches us worldwide with smartphones at unprecedented speed. The whole life becomes more digital. Now you have new questions: How does your brand react to the opportunities in marketing? Is the digital world used by your employees already profitably? Are your employees already digitally networked? Honestly, do you personally already profit from the online economy?

In the lecture we present the new trends in marketing and also best practices. No theoretical knowledge, we offer practical agency experience and know-how from numerous projects. Digital transformation and digitization are always present. In our lectures, as a speaker, we give detailed answers to your questions about social media. We are Digital Natives. We live in the Social Web every day.

We offer presentations for marketing, commerce and social media campaigns

Through social media marketing, you make current non-buyers to new consumers, to brand users and bring them to brand loyalty. This is how they become true brandsfans and ultimately brandplaces, which you would like to recommend. Our social media lectures are particularly inspiring for managers and employees who want to reach the highest reach, but also managers who are already orienting their decisions through digital business models and social media after the digital transformation. Likewise, the lectures are also available for freelancers and self-employed persons who want to get to know the digital possibilities for social media marketing with all the new and individual challenges.

  • What is the best way to learn about your business?
  • What is your position in the digital world?
  • How do you gain influencers for your product promotion?
  • Use Social Selling for effective marketing ?
  • How can you digitally network your company?

We focus on these topics in our lectures: Social Media Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Commerce, Social Media Services and Social Media Optimization:

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With social media managers for Instagram and experience for the key areas in online marketing.

As social media experts, we consider the traditional social networks, such as Youtube, as well as the new social networks. To ensure that social media advertising does not lose its effectiveness, we develop further concepts and strategies. With these special methods, your company can not only increase the new digital sales, but also the sale in retail (POS). As speakers, our know-how will be passed on to the next generation of managers so that they can develop new strategies from them. Simple, comprehensible and with best practice case examples as well as new insiders. As a social media consultant, we also appear more frequently in front of TV-cameras or in front of the audience. To make social networks and their dynamics clearer. You can find our Social Media Experts here.

Social Media Speaker for Beijing he conferences

As the speaker of an online marketing event, the preparation for the day before is the most important for understanding the listeners. We have divided workshops into separate levels of difficulty, so our experts will personally address the audience’s personal knowledge and experience. The finding of topics is often difficult, because for a complex and comprehensive topic one remains in the lecture only half an hour. Numerous lectures are held even before the public. Our Speaker.

Immediate success for your project managers thanks to Social Media Trainer

We are called as a coach of many different companies and brands, then they want to bring their own young managers back to the latest state of the art. As a coach and mentor, you spend a lot of time with your employees to fulfill all your goals. You start often with the absolute basics for beginners, that is, at the Basics of Facebook and Youtube. As a coach, the aim is always to develop methods in partnership with the employees, throughout Germany and Europe. Our Trainers.

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Social Media Lectures for Advertising Campaigns, Optimization and Marketing

In social network monitoring, we will find out how, when and where social networks are talking about your brand, interaction plays a central role. Customers, new reach and employees gain, all that enable social networks. Whether you need help with monitoring or recommendation management, our managers will be pleased to advise you. Our trainers know right away which social media is right for you and your situation. We will discuss the content that your employees should post and when the right time is for postings. The simplest start also for beginners with practice-oriented, concrete crossmedial strategies and an assessment of your potential possibilities after the lectures. Every company has personal law objectives that can achieve it sustainably with social media marketing and management. In order to find the most valuable social media channel for you, it is possible to provide identification of the range. Different audiences are regularly represented in different social media channels. For this purpose, differentiated topics should be occupied and implemented in various work steps. The broad masses must always be considered. Since the user is in the developed network, partializations and different types of the form “Du” are often used. Is the content! To make customers happy, the enthusiasm of the customers should be right. Because we are well-versed in the fitness field, you and your company are in the best hands. The subscribers are not sung on the social platforms. Product love increases brand loyalty and thus the sales figures No fake followers from all over the world, but tangible fans and followers. Brand fans offer your social media channels range and expressive weighting. High level is most important for social media. The different social networks have moreerediverse functions.

Influencer: How Online Marketing with Multipliers Really Works Build yourself and your agency now brand fans.

With smart strongly interrelated ideas between Facebook and Instagram. We rely on viral marketing campaigns! With features such as GraphSearch, your project manager offers great opportunities in the Adsmanager, not just to analyze your followers extensively. Get the Power of Social Media Marketing! Efficient communication with the community. Tell your Beijing users a corporate history and convince you just as already successful company fans for your brand and for many years! The closer the target group is determined, the higher your interaction between your users.