Be relaxed: with energy for lecture – basics for speakers

As speakers and lectures on speeches, one is always faced with a completely new audience, that with partly great expectation concerning the quality and performance of the speech. The audience is often extremely heterogeneous and not specifically identified by a type of person or a professional group. In the same way

Online Marketing Speaker Rio de Janeiro: SEO, exciting blog, online advertising, e-commerce newsletter, blogger and magazine PR

Your Online Marketing Speaker! Our managers and consultants assist you in digital advertising as an advertising partner. With recommendations for the development of your marketing concept and, of course, for the acquisition of new customers. Especially

Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker Lima

Information, whether from friends, news or even interesting knowledge, reaches us faster than ever before. Not only yesterday, the digital transformation in companies throughout Germany has been in full swing, none of us has ever been felled in his profession. Communication It reaches us today with smartphones fast, as never before in history.

Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker Buenos Aires

Communication, the global spread of knowledge, news, but also emotions, reaches with smartphones quickly, as never before, through social networks and smartphones. Our entire life is becoming more and more digital. Now, of course, the question arises: How does your company react to the opportunities in marketing? Does your brand benefit from the digital world? […]