Human resources: Continuing education and seminars

Finding the right personnel policy for your own company is sometimes a big undertaking. Presentations and speeches can help to absorb a great deal of expertise and know-how Read more

SEO Keynote Speaker London, LA, NY & more: Search engine optimization

Search engines are the drivers of digital commerce. Almost all inquiries are about them, the fewest visited pages or shops directly. What is SEO actually? Search engine optimization, or SEO Read more

Online Marketing Speaker Washington DC: Retargeting and Targeting on Blogs, PR, Advertising Ads, A / B Test and Social Media Marketing Actions

We are your online marketing agency for Berlin! We are also at your service in the B2C B2B business. With tips for the acquisition of new customers and the development of your crossmedial marketing concept .. Also new forms Marketing for reach and backlinks have Read more

The perfect PowerPoint presentation: Free template for beginners

As a speaker you always need a very good presentation. It has to be processed by the speaker so that everyone can understand it quickly and easily. Especially during speeches at major conferences and congresses, a speaker often does not have a long time to transport the often many and complex contents and topics in a professional manner Read more

Be relaxed: with energy for lecture – basics for speakers

As speakers and lectures on speeches, one is always faced with a completely new audience, that with partly great expectation concerning the quality and performance of the speech. The audience is often extremely heterogeneous and not specifically identified by a type of person or a professional group. In the same way Read more

Online Marketing Speaker Toronto: Social Networks, Influencer, PR in Magazines, Advertising Ads, Blog and Good Content Marketing Marketing

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Online Marketing Agency in Toronto – Our experts and consultants are Digital Natives. With consultants we realize concrete strategies for brands and companies. Implementation with social, e-commerce newsletter, live tracking and A / B comparison for ads for rich brands and sales figures. Digital media and the mobile web change the lives of every target group. Especially new forms of advertising Marketing for reach and backlinks have a higher influence on all advertising agencies.

We will provide the most creative speakers for the next online marketing event

We are continuing to develop strategies and concepts for new strategies and concepts in online marketing management. As online marketing experts, we consider traditional areas, such as community targeting, PR magazine, digital advertising, effective content marketing, A-B test, and social media around the world. With these special methods, your brand can not only promote the digital but also the sale at the point of sale (POS). With best practice examples and insiders, easy and understandable.

SEO, advertisements, newsletters, Influencer and Blogger Relations and Magazine PR Speaker

In the lectures we will introduce you to best practices from all over the world and the new trends in online marketing for new ideas and new concepts. Good speeches always belong to every good event in any case. As a speaker we answer all your questions. No theoretical knowledge, we offer practical agency experience and know-how from different projects. Discover Speaker now easy and uncomplicated with our management. Digital transformation and digitization are omnipresent in everyday life. For executives who already target digital business and community-based online marketing after the digital transformation, we are looking for more success in the planned marketing.

Even social media marketing like Influencer Marketing for reach and links has a great impact in decisions in marketing departments. We construct media with newsletter, blog, SEO, SEA and also SEM, exciting blogs with added value for users, content concepts and user tracking for efficient media.

Online Marketing Basics

Monitoring measures we evaluate the final economic success of the campaigns. Profit maximization by SEO, ie search engine optimization? With search engine optimization, mostly for the most relevant Google for Germany as well as Bing in the USA, your e-commerce has a long-lasting success through a higher reach. Today, digital approaches and methods for companies do not pass through media, you see the possibilities? In a media planning, the smooth information exchange makes strategies more detailed and with target groups much more effective. Let’s keep an eye on the basic areas. Improve sales not only on Amazon, but additionally directly in your own e-commerce.

SEO for rising rankings and more visitors from Toronto

The digital trade is, extensive, large and sometimes confusing for beginners. Choosing the right channels is all the more important when it comes to digital strategies. Primarily in online marketing course search engines and the market leader in the special Google and all their functions and for customers, help Google’s Adwords and Display ads. For online advertising on search portals, online marketing agencies in Toronto naturally prefer to advertise with Google with Adwords. The process begins with social marketing and goes through marketing automation to consulting for digital advertising and big data analysis. Use our online marketing to access the experience and personal consulting with competences in strategic conception, online marketing and planning. Your reliable partner for digital positioning and communication. In our management, the search engine optimization takes a lot of attention, since the success through search portals is very long.

Consultants for brands! Tips for your online marketing

Our speakers support your staff to create tailor-made concepts and strategies for your digital campaigns in Toronto and Canadazu. We as consultants are also often longer in the company and train your employees in new methods.

Successes calculate and check with Monitoring

You will be able to understand your fans thanks to the varied usage data. The monitoring of all important trading channels is controlled by software like Google Analytics or the Business Manager of Facebook. Through the subsequent evaluation of the monitoring, your managers also know which postings work in their own target group. Furthermore, it is easy to increase the usability of your media through constant analysis.

Numerous lectures are held even for the public, which so far had little or nothing to do with the topic of online marketing. The targeted preparation of the lecture is a keynote speaker on speeches crucial for an understandable information transfer. In order to keep our own departments on the technological level at short notice, we book brands as coaches for online marketing. You spend a lot of time in the individual department, with the managers, in order to achieve the best result for the customer.

Online Marketing Speaker Boston: Content Marketing, Blogger, SEO and / or Search Engine Optimization and Targeting

Online Marketing Speaker for Boston Concepts – All our experts and consultants in Boston are at your fingertips, so we define consultants as target groups for brands and companies. We make media with digital advertisements, content ideas, bloggers, SEO and targeting for Read more

Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker New York

Life is more and more digital, whether in a professional or everyday life. Is the digital world already profitable for your team? Is your team digitally networked? Do you profit from online trading? How does your company react to the many new opportunities and opportunities in the marketing mix? Information, whether knowledge, Read more

Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker Toronto

Communication It reaches us people today as fast as never before humans. Nobody is being taught off and the digital transformation is in full swing. More and more managers are reacting to the trend. Life is more digital. How does your company react to the many new opportunities and opportunities in modern marketing? Read more

Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker Washington DC

The whole life is more digital. How do you react to the numerous new opportunities and opportunities in the marketing mix of your company in your important decisions? Does your company already benefit from the digital world? Is your company digitally networked? Honestly, do you profit from online trading? Information, whether news, recommendations from friends or shopping tips, Read more