SEO Keynote Speaker London, LA, NY & more: Search engine optimization

Search engines are the drivers of digital commerce. Almost all inquiries are about them, the fewest visited pages or shops directly. What is SEO actually? Search engine optimization, or SEO

The perfect PowerPoint presentation: Free template for beginners

As a speaker you always need a very good presentation. It has to be processed by the speaker so that everyone can understand it quickly and easily. Especially during speeches at major conferences and congresses, a speaker often does not have a long time to transport the often many and complex contents and topics in […]

Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker London

Our life, whether in the job or everyday, is more digital. How does your company react to the new opportunities in marketing? Does your brand already benefit from the digital world? Are you already digitally linked in all business processes? Do you profit from online trading? Information, whether recommendations, news or knowledge,

Online Marketing Speaker London: digital commercials, content strategies, blogger, SEO and targeting

Your Online Marketing Speaker! Our managers support your company in digital marketing, even in new markets. With good tips for the acquisition of new customers and the development of the crossmedial marketing concept. We construct media with content, social